Eco Living

Despite increasingly stringent building regulations, carpeting, upholstery and manufactured wood products emit volatile organic compounds (VOC,s)including formaldehyde. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products can be found in flooring, carpet and wall-covering releasing an variety of hazardous additives.

Pünckte specializes in services for clients with depressed immune systems, the elderly and infants, or anyone interested in healthy interior living.

We offer painting with solvent-free wall paint or milk paint. We also offer consultations on interior products and material that are organic, ecological and health conscious.

We all can win by building or converting our homes greener and more sustainable. Building green can even cost less than conventional building. In the future the demand for sustainable housing will be huge and the resale value will escalate on such properties.

Large corporations across the world are now designing and building green. They know that it will save them money in the future. Building green and more sustainable benefits the occupants of a building as well as the environment and humanity.

Interested in greening your home or office? Get more information on living greener. Contact Pünckte at 505-610-4550 or email: for a consultation. We can assist you with minor or large projects.

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