Feng Shui

What exactly is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is a Chinese mathematical system developed by scholars through observations accumulated over thousands of years. It is a method for balancing a man made environment and the calculation of time and space. Feng Shui is intensely rooted in Chinese culture and Taoist philosophy, it is a way of seeing and interacting with the energy of the universe.
The classical Feng Shui we are practicing is not a religion, nor is it a form of superstition.

Our objective
Is to find the best auspicious direction of a person and matching it with their surroundings to create harmony and balance at home or work.
When a building is erected, the energy of the space is captured inside of it.
Qi roams freely in the land if there is no structure to capture it.
Once a structure is finished, the Qi is encapsulated in that space and time.

What is Qi
Qi is an elusive life energy, similar to Aether (Greek) or Prana (Hindu). It is regarded as vital and ultimate intrinsic energy in Feng Shui.

We believe in
Going beyond structural dimensions and achieving a harmonious healthier living environment.
Respect for nature and the belief in the oneness of all things.
Using ecological knowledge for improved and healthy interior
Educating others in changing their lifestyles to a more earth friendly way of living.
Supporting environmentally sensitive design.

We practice
Classical Feng Shui utilizing compass readings and the Trigram - Ba-Gua Grid method.
We can find solutions for the problems with interiors and exteriors of your property.



Questions and Answers

Are second hand and antiques objects bad Feng Shui? Do they carry negative energy?

No they’re not, however it is important that you make sure the objects are clean and are not in need of extensive repair. It is good to recycle, it is good for the earth and will reduce the waste.

I’ve heard that dried flowers can not be used in Feng Shui?

That is incorrect, nevertheless dryness is connected with death in Taoist philosophy but it has nothing to do with dried flowers. Take herbs for instance, these are dry and a vital part of Chinese and other ancient medicine.
It is important however is to keep dried flowers clean and free of dust
Will Feng Shui make me wealthy?

Feng Shui is not a get rich quick scheme, people who sell this idea and belief are wrong. By applying the principles of Feng Shui, one may notice an increase in motivation, productivity, creativity and a happier living and working environment.
If you really are interested in Feng Shui, it is wise to get as much information as possible. Stay away from superstition and deception.
We educate our clients about Feng Shui by providing information and literature.

Is Feng Shui a certain type of design, do I need Chinese decorative objects?

No, it can be used with any design and decor of your choice, if you like to decorate with Chinese items it’s ok too, but not necessary. Feng Shui is not a design in itself

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